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The Arcade

All games in the man cave are set to free play, no quarters or dollar bills needed.  Although any that you put in will be a pleasant surprise the next time I open a game!

The arcade room consists of 7 video games, a 9' shuffleboard table, XBox 360, HD 720p movie projector with 8' screen and DirecTv HD receiver.  The XBox can also receive over 600 of the latest movies that I update monthly.  Enjoy.

Target Terror

A 2-player shooting game that challenges players to fight against terrorist attacks on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Los Alamos nuclear power plant, and the Denver International Airport using optical guns. The final mission is to prevent a hijacked airliner from destroying the White House.  

Big Buck Safari

A shooting game where players go biggame hunting for gemsboks, kadus, sables, cape buffalos and wildebeests in desert dunes, savannas and jungles while also shooting lions, rhinos, elephants, panthers, leopards, giraffes, zebras and hippos for additional tropies. There are also bonus rounds where the players can shoot meerkats, chameleons, frogs, hyenas, warthogs and spiders.

Golden Tee/Bag Toss Combination


This is a combination game of both Golden Tee 2005 and Target Toss Pro Bags.  Golden Tee is a Golf video game and Bags is a Cornhole video game

Dual Cruis'n Exotica Racers

Cruis'n ExoticaCruis'n Exotica
A cool driving game that features several tracks including one that has dinosaurs and several different cars including an old rusty chevrolet station wagon.


The multicade has 60 of the classic video arcade games such as Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Dig Dug etc. 

The 60 games in each Multicade are:

1943 Kai
Bomb Jack
Burger Time
Congo Bongo
Crush Roller
Dig Dug
Dig Dug 2
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Junior
Donkey Kong 3
Galaga (Fast Fire)
Galaga 3
Gun Smoke
Jr. Pac-Man
Jr. Pac-Man (Fast)
Jumping Jack
Juno First
King & Balloon
Moon Cresta
Mr. Do
Mr. Do's Castle
Ms. Pac Man
Ms. Pac Man (Fast)
New Rally X
Pac-Man (Fast)
Pac-Man Plus
Pac-Man Plus (Fast)
Pinball Action
Shao-Lin's Road
Space Invaders
Space Panic
Super Breakout
Super Cobra
Super Pac-Man
Tank Battalion
The End
Time Pilot
Van-Van Car

Rockin Bowl-O-Rama

1950s themed video bowling game with a retro-styled cabinet. Rockin BowlORama is a future- retro styled video bowling game for one to four players. In addition to regulation bowling it features three variations Trick Shot, where players compete to convert difficult spares Ten Pin Poker, where players are dealt a playing card for each mark and try to get the best poker hand and Blackjack Bowling, where players get three full racks of ten pins each per frame and try to knock down twenty-one without going over. Teasers which look like animated 50s TV commercials taunt or cheer the player. The game includes an onscreen jukebox loaded with thirty tracks of music from the 1950s.

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