Deep Creek Lake

Big Timber 
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Deep Creek Lake


  • Added 2 sets of silverware
  • Replaced placemats
  • Replaced kitchen pot holders, hot pads and kitchen towels
  • Continuous update of the movie catalog


  • Replaced stove


  • Replaced all 4 bedroom 1st gen firesticks with new 2020 firesticks for faster performance and new single remote for tv+firestick
  • Updated movie catalog


  • Replaced the grill
  • Updated movie library


  • Replaced refrigerator
  • Replaced 2 floor mats in kitchen and by sliding back door
  • Updated movie library


  • Pressure washed and began staining logs - ongoing process
  • Replaced shower liners


  • Refilled new sand in horseshoe pits
  • Added 8 bags of white rock to firepit area
  • Replaced rotten boards on both picnic tables
  • Continuous update of movie catalog


  • Updated kitchen supplies
  • Updated movie server with over 1360 movies


  • Complete redo of the movie catalog with over 1350+ movies


  • Replaced vacuum cleaner
  • Update movie server - now with over 1200 movies


  • Replaced gas grill
  • Updated movie catalog


  • Added 4 indoor rugs in front of doors on lower level
  • Added new movies


  • Added 12 new movies for a total of 879
  • Replaced firepit tiki torches with new ones


  • Added 19 new movies for a total of 867


  • Added 14 new movies for a total of 848
  • Added 3 Amazon fire sticks to the bedroom tv's for vastly improved movie catalog performance in the bedrooms.  Also, much better access to Amazon Prime instant video for tv series and movies in those rooms.


  • Added 7 movies for a total of 834
  • Stained mini golf course and horseshoe pits
  • Added 6'5 welcome bear
  • Replaced coffee maker
  • Added a crockpot
  • Replaced missing hose nozzle


  • Pressure washed and stained both picnic tables
  • Pressure washed and stained bear proof trash enclosure


  • Added 5 movies for a total of 827
  • Installed utility sink in utility room
  • Added popcorn and ticket pillows to theater room couch
  • Added Chinese checker board and 3 comic book cover art pieces to game room walls


  • Added 16 movies for a total of 822


  • Added 4 movies for a total of 806
  • Added Disney Dvd Scene it and poker chips to board games section
  • Added a cedar chest to hold upstairs sofa bedding


  • Stained the firepit and stairs
  • Stained the picnic table by the hot tub
  • Added 9 movies for a total of 802 movies
  • Added 2 picnic tables in the mini golf area
  • Added 2 official wooden corn hole boards with real corn filled canvas bags


  • Added 4 new movies for a total of 713


  • Added a full length swivel mirror in the master bedroom
  • Added a Big Sky bear utensil holder in the kitchen
  • Added 8 new movies for a total of 709


  • Added 6 new movies for a total of 701


  • Added 12 new movies for a total of 695
  • Added shower caddy in master shower


  • Added 21 new movies for a total of 683
  • Added 4 new board games


  • Added 17 new movies for a total of 662
  • Added 2 smaller pots
  • Added set of round tupperware serving bowls
  • Added 4 larger serving bowls
  • Added a thanksgiving style serving platter


  • Added 14 movies for a total of 645 + season 8 of Dexter


  • Installed steps to the dock in Marsh Run Cove
  • Replaced Master bath rain shower head with one with 2 pressure settings
  • Added bluetooth enabled boombox
  • Added movies and tv series for a total of 631 movies
  • Added 3 more board games



  • Installed steps to the waterfront and firepit
  • Installed a new rain shower head in the master bath with 2 pressure settings
  • Added movies for a total of 616
  • Added 2 bug zappers
  • Added yellow bug bulbs on all outside porch lights



  • Finished the private 18 hole mini golf.  See the photo gallery for more pics

1/19/13 - 6/16/13

I stayed and worked at the property 3 out of every 4 weeks fixing, replacing and adding everything that was needed to make a premium vacation rental.  Here's a list of what I replaced, repaired or added.

Utility Room
* Replaced leaking aerator valve
* Repaired Iron remover
* Replaced furnace filter
* Replaced humidifer filter
* Replaced humidifer motor
* Repaired internet cable to house
* Replaced cable modem and router
* Added dryer plug and dryer vent
* Added full size stackable washer & dryer
* Cut shelving and added refrigerator
* Added shelving for wifi equipment
* Added wall and 36" door to create owner's closet
* Added 2 water leak sensors by hot water heater and A/C sump pump

* Replaced toilet seats
* Replaced toilet innards with leak detecting valves
* Added rounded hotel style shower bars
* Added towel bars
* Added toilet paper holders (2 bear and 1 standing duck)
* Caulked top of shower stalls
* Repaired mortar joints in master rock shower
* Caulked wooden frame around shower knobs in master shower
* Painted concrete master shower floor with non-skid paint (2 coats)
* Repaired clogged master shower body sprayers
* Replaced scald guard so hot water would flow to master shower
* Sealed master shower wooden threshold and trim around valves with 3 coats polyurethane
* Sealed rocks and mortar joints in the master shower
* Added a towel hook by master shower
* Replaced fan motor in master bath exhaust fan
* Added brown rugs in each bathroom (2 in master, 2 in hall, 1 in basement)
* Replaced rope trim on mid level bath vanity with cove molding

* Repaired clogged sink sprayer
* Repaired loose glass cabinet door inserts
* Fixed drawer that was rubbing oven door
* Added 4 bar stools
* Added 4 high back dining chairs
* Added coffee maker
* Added toaster oven
* Added mixer
* Added paper towel holder
* Added knives
* Added plates
* Added glassware
* Added silverware
* Added pots/pans
* Added cooking utensils
* Added drawer liners
* Added Welcome key hanger
* Added decorations above kitchen cabinets
* Added brown rug
* Added indoor/outdoor temp & humidity monitor
* Added alarm controlled light switches for porch lights and porch ceiling lights

* Added 3 queen beds with drawers
* Added 3 queen mattresses and mattress platforms
* Added 1 king bedroom set with 2 nightstands
* Added king mattress and boxspring
* Added self setting alarm clocks
* Added lamps
* Mounted 42" led tv in master bedroom
* Added 32" wifi led tv in each bedroom (3)
* Added 4x white receptacles next to tv's to minimize cable clutter
* Added 2 dresser drawers in mid level bedrooms
* Added 3 mirrors above dressers in 2 spare bedrooms and 1 in master
* Added 3 wood blinds in master bedroom and 1 blind in master bath
* Added matching dresser in master bedroom
* Refinished master bedroom wood floor
* Added a sleeper sofa in the loft

Living room
* Added 70" led tv and mounted above fireplace
* Added concrete bear statue
* Added Xbox and extra controller, rechargable controller base
* Added old time block planer and T-handled drill bit decorations
* Repaired stuck patio sliding door
* Repaired both patio sliding door lockouts
* Added entryway rug
* Added rug by hot tub sliding door
* Added fireplace timer switch
* Added a hinge to the coat closet so it would shut right

Whole House
* Rekeyed all locks
* Replaced burned out bulbs
* Replaced all 9 volt smoke alarm batteries
* Added alarm system (motion, door/window, power meter, owner's closet lock, thermostat, water sensors)
* Replaced all carpet in 3 bedrooms and basement
* Added hot tub, hot tub stairs and hot tub cover lifter
* Replaced all 7 floor registers
* Added security cameras
* Added multiple board games
* Added multiple pictures/decorations
* Added 6 lighted switches
* Added vacuum
* Wrapped outside water spigots with insulation and styrofoam covers
* Added hose box with self guiding winder and 100' hose
* Installed internet connected thermostat and connected to the alarm
* Installed VOIP telephone system and 2 cordless phones
* Labeled all switches
* Installed door bell and extra chime for basement
* Replaced 2 corroded sockets in antler chandelier on porch
* Installed ResortLock code lever lock on front door
* Fixed all doors that were misaligned and not latching (4 doors)
* Removed ADT alarm system and components, repaired walls at attachment points
* Added bug light bulbs to all exterior porch lights
* Added picnic table on deck next to hot tub
* Added propane gas grill
* Added Western Digital Live Hub to master bedroom to feed xboxes and tvs

* Replaced torn movie screen
* Added 5 movie posters and decorations in theater area
* Added a sleeper sofa
* Repaired capped off waterline to outside water spigot
* Added register vent in ceiling to allow warm air to water line
* Replaced a ceiling vent due to broken diverter tab
* Replaced missing wood trim by register vent in ceiling
* Replaced broken door latch in basement bedroom
* Added Xbox and extra controller, rechargable controller base
* Added 9 new XBox video games
* Replaced broken sub-woofer
* Added an 8" carpeted platform to provide stadium seating
* Added 9' shuffleboard table
* Added 7 full size arcade video games
* Added 2 cupholders to each game, 4 on the shuffleboard table
* Added gym padded rubber squares under and in front of games
* Added alarm controlled light switch for porch lights

* Added fire pit with bench seating
* Added horseshoe pits with ladies extensions
* Added 18 hole mini-golf course
* Added bear proof trash container
* Added 2 x 25' dock walkways and installed dock in McHenry cove
* Added an electric bug zapper
* Added 6 8-10' northern pine trees at neighbor line behind golf
* Added 23 tons of crusher run gravel to parking area beneath mini-golf
* Added Private driveway sign at entrance to driveway
* Added Private dock sign in front of dock in McHenry cove
* Painted over Yellowstone billboard
* Sealed all cracks facing upward on the back of the house
* Sealed all holes going into the house on the back
* sealed around the A/C and water spigot lines
* Reinstalled all window screens
* Repaired and filled all potholes in driveway (4)


  • Purchased Big Timber

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